“It was absolutely wonderful. … I just didn’t want it to end. I could have stayed here all night. It was brilliant.”

“The soprano … her voice just filled the room and it was just amazing. It was a wonderful piece of music. I loved it. I just didn’t want her to stop. More, more, more, carry on, carry on!”

“It was wonderful you could read what she was singing behind and that was fantastic. It had the meaning, beautiful, loved it.”

“The voice just gripped me. … It worked well with the whole show, maybe what followed and what came before. It was just perfect timing.”

“The colour just stays with you and what you can do with the scarves and the handkerchiefs, and everything, all moving.”

“The timing, everything was absolutely perfect, you could tell the cast had trained so hard for that moment and everything was symmetrical and just perfect. … Fantastic!”

“I’ll maybe go and see it in New York next time. … I’m sure I’ll see it next year, wonderful.”