Sometimes, when we are most in need of help, that help comes from the least expected places.

In 2017, Texas resident Clayton Bolt was told by doctors that his kidneys were failing because of his diabetes. From that point on, his life wasn’t the same.

“It’s hard to get up and do a lot of the things I used to do,” 28-year-old Bolt told KTXS 12 about his situation.

It was decided that Bolt would need to get a kidney transplant, but this process is easier said than done.

Clayton Bolt with his sister, Courtney Bolt Serna. (Courtney Bolt Serna)

According to Living Kidney Donors Network, waiting for a kidney transplant could take between five and ten years.

Many of Bolt’s family members got tested to see if they would be a match for him, but none of them were.

Bolt dealt with his kidney problems for over a year, constantly wondering how he would be able to get a new kidney.

That is, until a family friend decided to step in.

Sergeant Jay Jones, an officer of the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, heard about Bolt’s situation, and didn’t hesitate to get himself tested to see if he was a match.

“It never dawned on me not to. I think that it’s our responsibility as fellow human beings to help out somebody that’s in need. He was somebody that’s in need,” Jones told Abilene Reporter News.

Sergeant Jay Jones. (Facebook / Taylor County Sheriff’s Office)

Bolt was elated to hear that the long-time family friend was willing to go to those lengths to help him out.

The results of the rigorous testing showed that the sheriff was a match for Bolt.

According to Jones, he believes that everything happens for a reason; there’s many times where he could’ve been hurt or killed on the job after so many years on the force.

But he wasn’t, which ultimately led to him helping Bolt.

“Everybody’s got a role to play, and this is mine,” Jones told KTXS 12.

Sergeant Jay Jones (center) with colleagues in the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office. (Sgt. Jay Jones)

Not only did Jones go out of his way to help out Bolt, but this effort created a bond between the two men that will surely last for life.

“Clayton will be my brother from this point on,” Jones said.

The surgery was done in mid-July, and according to Bolt’s sister, the operation went well.

“Jay Jones has already been discharged this morning. He’s our tough hero with a badge! Abilene watch out the boss is on his way home!” Courtney Bolt Serna wrote in a July 19 Facebook post.

Subsequent posts show Bolt smiling and walking the hospital hallways, and on July 22, Bolt Serna shared that he had been released from the hospital.

“Clayton is doing so well, they are releasing him to go home today! Yay!! His kidney functions are normal!” she wrote.

Hopefully it won’t be long before Bolt is completely back to his old self and able to spend more time with his new close friend—and to pursue his own career in law enforcement.

Clayton Bolt (L) and Jay Jones, a long-time family friend who has donated a kidney to Bolt, now share a special bond. (Courtney Bolt Serna)