Sometimes watching TV cop shows can teach you some valuable information, as this little girl from Australia found out. Her brave actions helped to protect her when a man broke into her home.

In May, 10-year-old Kate Luong was left home alone in her Melbourne home; her brother was on a grocery run.

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But not long after her older brother went to get groceries, Kate heard something in the back yard.

“I looked through the curtain and saw someone,” Kate told 9NEWS.

A stranger was walking around the home, and was looking to make his way into the house.

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When faced with this kind of scary situation, one can imagine how a 10-year-old would react. This kind of danger is unprecedented to anyone, no matter what age you are, so Kate could’ve reacted in a million different ways.

But in this instance, she knew exactly what to do.

Kate locked herself in a room, took her phone, and found a closet to hide in.

It wasn’t too long after where the man used a brick to break his way into the house through a glass door.

Inside the closet, Kate composed herself and dialed Triple 0, the Australian counterpart to 911, and talked to the operator as the man made his way through the house.

She told the operator about the man who broke in, and for the most part, Kate was able to remain calm.

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The girl stayed in the closet until police arrived to the house, where they arrested the man.

The man allegedly had a screwdriver and a knife on him; who knows what would’ve happened if Kate was caught outside the closet. But instead, the young girl knew that she had to hide and call the authorities, and this led to the man being caught before anyone was hurt, or anything was stolen.

Imagine how Kate’s brother, Mike, felt when he found out that this happened in the short time he was away, but he and the rest of the family couldn’t have been more proud of his younger sister.

“We did teach her what to do in a situation like this,” Mike told 9NEWS.

The ironic thing was that Mike credits his sister’s actions to the knowledge she gained from watching TV crime  shows.

And when Kate was asked if she thought she was brave, she only responded humbly with “kind of.”

Hopefully, she’ll never have to face such a scary situation again.

A 10-year-old girl has displayed courage beyond her years when an armed thug broke into her Springvale house. #9News |

Posted by 9 News Melbourne on Monday, June 18, 2018