After one of her birthday wishes was fulfilled last week from a meetup with rapper Drake, young hospital patient Sofia Sanchez is getting her second wish come true—getting herself a new heart.

On Aug. 26, Sofia was told during a heartwarming short video recording that she’s going to have a new heart for her heart transplant.

The video starts with Sofia being asked by her mom about her two birthday wishes. The little girl proudly said that she has had one wish realized, which was meeting her favorite idol, Drake.

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago)

Then she talked about her unrealized one: “My other wish is to get a heart, which is not happening soon.”

Her mom responded, “Oh, guess what? It happened today. You’re getting a heart.”

Sofia later received the heart transplant on Aug. 27, according to Fox 32 Chicago, after waiting for eight weeks.

Fox 32 also reported that she is currently recovering from the nine-hour surgery, and hopefully will be able to go home to her family before Thanksgiving.

Sofia finds out she's getting a new heart

WONDERFUL NEWS! 11-year-old Sofia, who met rapper Drake last week while he was in Chicago, has now gotten even better news. She's getting a new heart! This is the moment she found out. ❤️ (Video courtesy: Natalie Sanchez)

Posted by Fox 32 Chicago on Monday, August 27, 2018