A man was left bleeding from the head after he fell onto the tracks at a subway station in New York.

Video taken by a bystander on Aug. 23 at a midtown Manhattan station shows a man laying on the tracks, as an MTA worker wearing a bright yellow safety vest and hardhat approaches to investigate.

The camera zooms in and appears to show the man, who was laying on his back, holding his hands up to his head.

“Really scary moment here,” Landis Roan posted to Twitter via the account OfficialRoanNYC. “Blood, head trauma, possible concussion.”

It is unclear how the man ended up on the tracks.

One of the bystanders can be heard yelling “Don’t move!” as the victim struggles to get to his feet.

As a crowd on the platform looks on, an MTA worker approaches the victim, who appears to have difficulty standing.

The worker asks the man “Are you ok, sir?” before helping the man get back onto the platform.

The victim was observed with blood streaming down his face.

The man’s present condition and the extent of his injuries are unknown.

The incident took place at 34th Street Penn Station in New York City.

Credit: OfficialRoanNYC via Storyful