Authorities in Ohio are looking for two people captured on surveillance video illegally dumping trash at a wildlife preserve area.

Video posted by the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office shows a pair of unidentified individuals heaving televisions, tires, and various other items from the back of a pickup truck and into the greenery.

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Update: Florida Uber Driver Fatally Shoots Man

A Florida sheriff said the case of an Uber driver who shot a man who was trying to run him off the road is “a classic stand your ground case.”

That’s what Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said at a news conference on Wednesday, August 29, speaking of the shooting on early Tuesday.

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F-35 Gets a Try out at Sea

It’s the most advanced fighter jet ever put in the air, its designers says, but for years the F-35 has been under attack as the Pentagon’s trillion-dollar troubled child.

Now, the next-generation plane is finally getting the chance to show what it can do: the F-35 is finally being put through its paces in real-world conditions after years of delays, cost overruns and questions about its fitness for modern warfare.

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Taylor Swift Asks for Moment of Silence for Aretha Franklin

Taylor Swift paid tribute to the late Aretha Franklin by asking for a moment of silence at her concert at Ford Files in Detroit, Michigan.

“She did so much for music. She did so much for women’s rights. She did so much for civil rights,” said Swift.

The 28-year-old gave a short speech on Franklin’s life and achievements.

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Three Brothers Rescued After Boat Capsizes in Florida

Three brothers whose boat capsized in the Haulover Inlet off Florida’s Miami-Dade County were rescued in a multi-agency effort on Aug. 26, Miami Beach Polic Department said.

The police department released footage of the rescue from the body camera worn by Officer Tom Fleischhauer, which shows one man sitting on the boat while two others are in the water. They are then pulled onto the boat by Fleischhauer.
Officials told local media that the men, identified as the Morales brothers, were not wearing life jackets, but were uninjured.

Video credit: Storyful

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